Welcome to the Office of Student Services at UConn Hartford!

If you have a question, a concern or a problem to solve, and you are not sure where to begin, the Office of Student Services is a great place to start.

Student Services can assist you with a wide range of activities. Whether you need to meet with your academic advisor; take your ID photo; make changes to your schedule; connect with a career counselor; or navigate the campus change process, the friendly staff and students in the office are here to help.

Please find us via the contact information below.

Contact Information

Office of Student Services
First Floor
10 Prospect Street
Hartford, CT 06103
P: 959.200.3743
E: hartford.studentservices@uconn.edu

Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:30AM - 4:30PM

Upcoming Events

  1. Jul 21 Impact Of Crisis: Helping Our Clients Through Helping Ourselves10:00am
  2. Jul 30 Trauma-Informed Care In The Age Of COVID-191:00pm
  3. Aug 3 Marijuana: Miracle Drug Or The Devils Lettuce?1:00pm